John Gill, P.A.-C and Chris Idsardi Appointed to EDC/IDA Board

WAUCHULA, Fla. (July 13, 2023) – The Hardee County Economic Development Council (EDC) and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) are composed of a joint board and managed by The Development Group staff. At the July 6th Hardee County Board of Commissioners meeting, two new EDC/IDA board members were named after commissioners reviewed and ranked applications.

John Gill, P.A-C and Chis Idsardi were placed on the board and Calli Ward, a current EDC/IDA board member, was reappointed. The Development Group has identified a mission of inspiring economic growth to support the vision of creating a strong community of integrity where people want to be.

“Mr. Gill and Mr. Idsardi are respected professionals in their fields and will bring diversified experience and knowledge to the board. The Hardee County Commissioners appoint our board members, and we appreciate the thought and intentionality they placed in their selection,” explained Denise Grimsley, President/CEO of The Development Group.

John Gill, P.A. – C:

A leading healthcare professional, Physician Assistant John Gill’s volunteer service to the community includes his role as the medical director of Rotary’s Freedom Flight, a past board member of Indigent Healthcare, and multiple hospital committees. His achievements have been recognized locally and nationally through multiple awards including Volunteer of the Year by the Hardee County Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Rural Health Clinics Ron Nelson Award.

With 32 years of medical practice in Hardee County and his current position with AdventHealth Family Medicine, Mr. Gill has fostered relationships within the community. A respected expert in his field with a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies, Mr. Gill is utilized as a consultant and advocate on state and national rural health issues.

Mr. Gill’s experience and knowledge will be an asset to The Development Group’s mission of inspiring economic growth.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Chris Idsardi:

The Hardee County Board of County Commissioners considered Mr. Idsardi based on his extensive construction and business background. Creating growth opportunities for Hardee County residents motivated Idsardi to apply for the board position. Meaningful improvements to citizen’s quality of life will be a direct result of the EDC/IDA’s work.

A Hardee Sr. High School graduate, Mr. Idsardi received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida. A Hardee County resident, he serves as the Vice President/ General Manager of Cemex Construction Materials of the Southwest Division. In his role, Idsardi is responsible for the safety of 250 employees, developing the division’s budget, and producing financial results.

Mr. Idsardi’s community involvement includes his past positions on the Hardee County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Hardee County Indigent Health Care Board.

Mr. Idsardi will provide discerning wisdom to The Development Group as he serves a four-year appointment on the Hardee County Economic Development Council/ Industrial Development Authority board. His participation in focus groups and the Building a Vibrant Community curriculum study demonstrates his commitment to inspiring economic growth and creating a strong community of integrity where people want to be.

The Development Group

The Development Group continues to build community support and engage citizens through focus groups and curriculum studies of the book “Building a Vibrant Community.”

“Focus groups have been an effective way of enabling Hardee County citizens to get involved in the visioning and planning of Hardee County’s future. Mr. Gill and Mr. Idsardi are examples of how the focus groups have encouraged civic engagement. Both of our new board members have participated in past focus groups. Mr. Idsardi was a member of the housing focus group and Mr. Gill participated in the healthcare focus group,” explained Krystin Chapman, Director of Communications and Marketing.

Interested individuals can sign up for focus groups at: