The Development Group — Hardee County’s Local Economic Development Agency

Grow Your Business in Florida’s Heartland

As Hardee County, Florida’s local economic development agency, The Development Group is positioned to help out-of-state businesses locate, relocate, or grow their businesses in Florida’s historic heartland.

The Development Group Gets Results

30 Completed Projects
Developed 200 Acres of Shovel Ready Sites
Added over $1.5 billion to Hardee County’s Economy
Millions of Dollars of Incentives Available

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Discover Hardee County, Florida

Built for Growth

Why Florida & Hardee County

In the Sunshine State, not only does the weather excel but so does our business climate—recognized as the #1 business tax climate in the nation. Hardee County embodies this spirit by amplifying Florida’s strengths with local advantages designed for business growth and success.

Business Friendly

Florida stands as a beacon of economic opportunity. Hardee County at its heart.

We offer the best regulatory, labor, and operating risk environments, rated among the top 5 in the nation. This means your business operations are supported by a framework built for stability and growth.

Emerging Manufacturing and Innovation Hub

Positioned within the top 3 states for manufacturing jobs, Hardee County harnesses this momentum to build a supportive business climate for growth.

With strong economic incentives and strategic support, businesses here leverage a strong industrial foundation amplified by Florida’s thriving technological sector—also ranked in the top 3 nationally for technology jobs and innovation.

Diverse Economic Landscape

Our local economy mirrors Florida’s success as one of the most diversified in the country. In Florida, rural counties like Hardee account for an increasing percentage of state GDP.

We’re focused on sustainable growth, high-quality industries, jobs, and a lasting economic presence for the community, which enable your business to have long term success in both new ventures and established enterprises.

About Hardee County


Strategically Situated in Central Florida: Hardee County enjoys a prime location with robust connectivity that spans both coasts. Nestled in a region equipped with 7 deep-water ports, 8 international airports, 2 regional airports, 9 municipal airparks, 3 railroads, 3 major interstates, the Florida Turnpike, and fast, reliable broadband, our county offers a uniquely business-friendly environment complete with exceptional incentives.


Dynamic and Diverse Talent Pool: Florida’s Heartland is home to a skilled workforce of approximately 125,000 within the region, expanding to about 3 million in contiguous counties. The Development Group maintains strong partnerships with local workforce agencies and South Florida State College, ensuring a steady pipeline of well-educated and motivated professionals ready to meet the demands of any business.


Vibrant Rural Charm with Modern Appeal: Hardee County boasts a rich heritage with its historic Main Street and classic Americana culture, providing a quaint yet dynamic backdrop for businesses and families alike. Offering business executives unparalleled flexibility and ease of access to local leaders, the county has ample available space and land ready for your business.. Wauchula’s lively downtown is continuously evolving, featuring an array of shops, restaurants, and amenities that cater to all ages, making it an ideal place for both work and leisure.

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The Business Community

Be Part of a Growing Business Community in Hardee County